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Our Story...

Shelly Farren, Mike Aiello and Jim Holland, friends for over 15 years, decided to open Shelly Pie on a whim.  Their hope was to have a family style restaurant that offered a unique, hearty pizza and homemade italian specialties. 


It all began when Mike and Jim attempted to purchase, what was once, the Turtle Creek VFW in 2010.  The transaction took a little less than 2 years.  It wasn't until  May 2012 when they were finally handed the keys to their new place.  Their original plans of opening storage units and a refurbished furniture store came to

a quick halt when an idea hit them.  Their long time friend, Shelly, had just lost

her job at an iconic pizza place due to its closure.

The 3 of them met and the rest is history!


Mike, a prior owner of the Lighthouse Restaurant in North Versailles has a vast knowledge of the food and beverage industry.  Shelly has spent most of her life in the restaurant business working in various roles.  Jim has more than 20 years in the field along with office management experience.  

Combined, the 3 of them make up the ownership that lends its unique style to Shelly Pie!


With a vast variety of menu items, Shelly Pie was able to fulfill the neighborhood of  Turtle Creek with a sit down, family style, restaurant.


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